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One word of caution: Below we include helpful information and maintenance tips for your washer. If your washer problem still cannot be resolved after reading the text, we strongly advise for your own safety not to get involved with any washer repairs on your own. We are ready to help. For professional San Diego washer repair help call us to schedule your washer repair appointment at our local numbers:

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An automatic washer that permits you to match the water level with the size of the wash load will save you money in the long run, even though the washer may have a slightly higher initial cost. Water just deep enough to cover the wash reduces friction and minimizes lining and wearing it also lessens wrinkling of permanent press clothing. Too much water per load wastes water and laundry loads.

Most washers today are pressure (meter) filled. No matter how low the water pressure in your home or how slow the water rung water will enter the washer until it reaches the level of fill you have selected.

Some washers have time fill. Water enters only for a predetmined period regardless of the level it reaches. If the water pressure in your home happens to be low during the water fill, you neither will nor get the reselected level of wash water unless you make a special washer adjustment. If you have a water-pressure problem in your home or your area, it will be simplest to buy a washer that is pressure filled.

Washer Wash Action. The wash action of the automatic washer cycle includes agitating or washer tumbling the wash load and extracting the soapy water.

Washer Washing. So that you can accommodate washer agitation or tumbling time to the wash load, automatic washers have a time-adjustment dial. Most washers allow 10 to 14 minutes for the regular wash period and less time for permanent press and delicate loads. This range of time for the wash action is generally adequate.

In some washers, two speeds of washing are available: slow for delicate fabrics such as washable woolens and knits; regular for permanent press or cotton fabrics.

Water extraction. After agitation or tumbling is completed, the washer either drains wash water before spinning or as the tub spins. Spinning forces the untrained water through the holes in the outside walls of a perforated tub or-up over the top of a solid tub to prepare the wash for rinsing

Washer Rinse Action. Although most of the suds and soil empty with the wash water, plenty of clean rinse water is needed to completely rid the wash load of soap and dirt.

Washer Rinsing. Automatic washer use all or some combination of three types of rinses during the rinse cycle.

1. One or more washer spray rinses in which water enters periodically while the washer tub is spinning.

2. A deep rinse that is a shortened, sapless version of washing.

3. An overflow rinse that flushes excess suds and loose lint over the top of the tub before spinning.

Some washers provide a control for an optional second deep rinse.
Water extraction. After rinsing, enough water must be forced out of the washer so that it can be dried easily. This is done by washer spinning. Some washers provide slow as well as regular spin speed.

After reading the text and the washer problem cannot be resolved, we strongly suggest that you call us for an washer repair appointment at.

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