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One word of caution: Below we include helpful information and maintenance tips for your oven. If your oven problem still cannot be resolved after reading the text, we strongly advise for your own safety not to get involved with any oven repairs on your own. We are ready to help. For professional San Diego oven repair help call us to schedule your oven repair appointment at our local numbers:



By using the latest development in an electric oven heat control, a fast bake temperature is obtained; however, you should preheat the oven. Turn the oven heat control clockwise to the temperature setting of your choice. An indicator oven light will glow when there is electric power to the oven bake element. When the oven temperature is cycled off to maintain the dial setting, the indicator light will go oft; however, it relights when the power resumes.

Broiling in these ovens may be slightly different from any previous oven operation you might have been acquainted with, so be sure to read the oven directions completely. To broil, turn the temperature control knob clockwise to Broil. The oven thermostat will click when it has been set to the maximum broil setting. It is possible to broil at a low range temperature. This is accomplished with oven thermostatic control.

Always broil with the oven door closed. First set the oven thermostat to the maximum broil setting, then turn the knob back (counterclockwise) to the oven temperature setting of your choice. The oven thermostat will maintain the temperature while your food is broiled. Also, the temperature dial setting is now in the area that would normally be designated within the bake oven temperature. To reset the oven for baking, it is necessary to turn the oven completely off.

Oven Vent.
The oven vent tube has been eliminated. By omitting the vent tube, a greater amount of moisture is obtained, creating baked foods with greater appeal. The food itself retains more of its natural juices and has less of a tendency to dry out; as a result, the flavor is better. It also saves on fuel and is more economical. Receiver, when broiling, to reset from maximum; otherwise, some Excess smoking could occur. See broiling instructions for setting the thermostat. Make certain an air hole is placed in the center of the foil; otherwise, reflected heat from the foil can cause damage to the element.

How the Programmed Oven Works.
When the time and temperature are set, the oven burner cycles on, the oven thermostat regulates the action, and the cooking cycle begins. Shortly before the end of the time period you have selected, the clock activates a small devise that governs the thermostat so that the oven temperature is lowered and maintained at a keep-warm level. To discontinue this operation the timer knob should be placed to manual and the oven knob to off.

After reading the text and the oven problem cannot be resolved, we strongly suggest that you call us for an oven repair appointment at.