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The Radiation Control for Health and Safety Act of 1968, enforced by the Food and Drug Administration, requires the industry to take corrective action when an electronic product fails to comply with a performance standard or has a radiation defect that relates to its safe use. The act was passed by Congress to protect the public from exposure to radiation from electronic products, including microwave ovens. The FDA's Bureau of Radiological Health has been given responsibility for day-to-day enforcement of the act.

The bureau has issued a radiation control standard for microwave ovens. The standard requires that ovens manufactured after October 6, 1971, not emit radiation above specified levels, and be equipped with at least two independently operating safety interlocks to shut off radiation as oven doors are opened. Also, ovens manufactured after August 6, 1974, must become inoperable if one or both interlocks fail to function.

Every oven manufactured after October 6, 1971, must carry a label certifying compliance with the Federal standard.

The FDA tests microwave ovens in homes, commercial establishments, dealer and distributor premises, factories, an (] its own laboratories to assure that microwave ovens comply with Federal requirements. It also evaluates manufacturers' testing and quality control programs to assure compliance.

Microwave ovens that meet the Federal standard are safe for use in the home. Tests confirm that all makes and models of ovens produced since the effective date of the standard present no radiation Hazard when used according to the manufacturer's instructions.

It is impossible to say that individual ovens produced before the effective date of the standard are not emitting radiation—unless they ;ire tested with a properly designed instrument—as these ovens were not necessarily designed to the stringent specifications required of ovens manufactured under the standard.

In some instances, microwave oven dealers are arranging to have ovens tested for leakage upon request. Some commercial serve organizations test ovens. A number of Federal, state, and local programs also provide this service.

If you have an old oven, you should contact your state or local health department or nearest FDA district office to obtain information as to the availability of these tests in your area. Used properly and with care, the microwave oven is a boon to homemakers. It is an unbeatable time-saver and a pleasure to use.