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One word of caution: Below we include helpful information and maintenance tips for your dishwasher. If your dishwasher problem still cannot be resolved after reading the text, we strongly advise for your own safety not to get involved with any dishwasher repairs on your own. We are ready to help. For professional dishwasher repair help in San Diego call us to schedule your dishwasher repair appointment at our local number:



Most dishwashers with this fast-drying feature have an "energy saver" switch on the front panel that allows you to disable the dishwasher heating elements. The dishes then dry by normal evaporation. A few dishwasher models have a blower, usually mounted at the bottom of the dishwasher. This blower forces air across the dishes for even faster drying. The dishwasher blower is most often a separate and self-contained dishwasher, complete with its own motor and an air duct leading from the blower housing to the dishwasher tub.With the tub filled and at the right temperature, washing can begin.

Right 0 the main dishwasher motor drives one or more impellers, and possibly a separate pump (although usually the impellers create the necessary pumping action).

Older dishwashers have an exposed impeller in the bottom of the tub. When the wash cycle is activated, the impeller spins, throwing water over the dishes with considerable force. Most new dishwasher models have an impeller hidden beneath a spray arm. The water thrown by the impeller is then directed at the dishes through small nozzles in the spray arm. At the same time, the spray arm spins for a more even distribution.

Sometimes the dishwasher motor and dishwasher pump assembly will be attached in such a way that the entire dishwasher motor/pump unit must be removed as a whole to work on either the motor or on the pump. Carefully inspect your dishwasher. Pump or impellers are usually located at the bottom of the dishwasher and in the center. In some models the motor and pump are set off to the side. When located elsewhere, there are hoses leading to and from the pump assembly. (Whenever you have to get inside, visually inspect these hoses and all gaskets for leaks and corrosion

As always, the first step in troubleshooting is to look for the obvious. With dishwashers this becomes even more important since what seems to be a major malfunction is probably nothing more than something like old dishwasher detergent. A dishwasher that blows the fuse or trips the internal protective circuitry could have nothing wrong with it other than poorly loaded dishes that are preventing the spray arms from spinning. Before anything else, get out the owner's manual and read it through again thoroughly. Many of these manuals give the owner detailed information specific to that brand and model, including troubleshooting tips. Review the proper method (or methods) of loading the machine.

After reading the text and the problem cannot be resolved, we strongly suggest that you call us for an dishwasher repair appointment at.